Salento, also known as the Salento peninsula is a sub-region that extends over the southern part of Puglia, and is washed by the wonderful Ionian and Adriatic Seas. The area includes the entire Lecce province, almost whole Brindisi province and part of the Taranto one.

There are more than 250 Km of coast, the east coast is mainly rocky with many old fortifications while the west coast is mainly flat with sandy beaches.

Its territory includes more than 100 towns and villages, with the characteristic white houses, narrow and winding roads and where everyone has its own dialect, all surrounded by the green of secular olive tree grove, tobacco grove and vineyards.

Salento is a land of extraordinary natural and architectural beauties. 
It is best known for its beautiful, unspoiled beaches and its stunning baroque architecture but also for its nature (there are exactly 1390 different species of flower plants); history (Many remains of Greek and Roman domains and pre-historic monuments are scattered all over the area); its southern Italian ebullience and a heady mix of traditions and its party atmosphere. It is loved for its great weather, traditions, several wonders to discover, warm sun and blue sky, crystal sea and dreamlike coast.