Our restaurant, overlooking the sea, is ready to make you taste both sea and land dishes.

Our Chef will immerse you in a culinary journey full of authentic flavors, typical of the excellent Salento cuisine, as well as a wide choice of pizzas. 

You can taste excellent first and second courses based on fresh fish and seafood, which obviously come from the waters of the Adriatic and Ionian Seas and the choice is very varied and diversified. 

There is also a wide choice of first and second courses of land, such as ciciri and tria, the dish of the poor, today adored both by tourists and by the indigenous inhabitants of Salento. 
Tria is a fresh pasta made with flour and water, without egg, fried and added to the dish (tria really means fried dough). 

Orecchiette and minchiareddhi
It is handcrafted fresh pasta typical of the oldest Salento tradition. 
You can taste them in many variations, with meatballs, vegetables, fish, but the delicious typical recipe, the one that still today the Salento people love to taste on Sundays, includes a dressing with fresh tomato sauce and grated ricotta cheese or melted in a sauce with the same sauce. 

You just have to come and visit us!